Electric Taxiing by Safran Landing Systems
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Electric Taxiing by Safran Landing Systems


June 17, 2019


3D/VFX, Events, Omnichannel marketing, Video

About This Project

We are still proud to supply the Safran Group with high 3D quality videos for several years now. This one has been made to promote their ecofriendly Electric Taxiing system during the 53rd International Paris Air Show, Salon du Bourget, happening on June 2019.


The Electric Taxiing system is a co-branded program, Safran Landing Systems and Airbus, for the A320 family. The idea is a simple one: instead of using its main engines for taxiing on airport taxiways, burning fuel unnecessarily, the aircraft will use small electric motors fitted inside the wheels of its landing gear. With the electric taxiing system, ground equipment will no longer be required for push-back and towing operations, extending the life of the main engines and reducing maintenance activities, at the same time limiting damage caused by the ingestion of foreign objects into engines during taxiing. This solution will also improve the health and safety of ground personnel, reducing noise pollution in the airport environment.